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Mathematical Methods for Gauge Theories Oct 1 2016 - Feb 28 2017 0
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Roberto Percacci Mon-Thur, 14:00-16:00 adv


- Lie groups
- actions of Lie groups on manifolds (non-linear realizations)
- fiber bundles
- principal and associated bundles
- vectorbundles
- connections and covariant derivatives
- G-structures (the Higgs phenomenon)
- fiber metrics, metricity and non-metricity (O(N) gauge fields)
- the soldering form and torsion
- the Levi-Civita connection and the Riemann tensor
- spin structures, tetrad formalism and the Dirac operator
- Killing and conformal Killing vectors
- Weyl geometry
- the conformal group and its realization on AdS space
- the riemannian geometry of principal bundles (Kaluza-Klein theory)



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