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Resurgence in Theoretical Physics May 14, 16, 21, 23, 28, 30
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Tomás Reis 14:00-15:30 adv


  • Lecture 1: Introduction to resurgence - motivation, examples, Airy function, ODEs
  • Lecture 2: Overview of mathematical aspects - Nevanlinna’s theorem, alien calculus, applications in non-linear ODEs
  • Lecture 3: 0d Integrals as toy models for instantons - Lefschetz thimbles, resummation, Stokes lines, Airy function revisited
  • Lecture 4: Large order behaviour and saddle points - Lypatov’s trick, Berry-Howls formula, quartic integrals, quantum mechanics
  • Lecture 5: Resurgence in QFT - renormalons, bubble diagrams, examples
  • Lecture 6: Other Applications - matrix models or integrable QFT or exact WKB (choice depending on time and preferences)



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