Loriano Bonora

Full Professor
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+39 040 3787 404

Research interests

    STRING FIELD THEORY. A complete understanding of the nonperturbative aspects in string theory requires a second quantized version of it. At present the only string field theory with a complete and satisfactory formulation is the open bosonic string field theory formulated back in 1987 by E.Witten. In the last few years there has been considerable progress in studying the nonperturbative aspects of this theory: many exact analytic solutions of the equation of motion have been found. One of these solutions identifies the tachyon condensation vacuum, which is interpreted as the perturbative vacuum of closed string theory. Other exact solutions represent D-branes of various dimensions (in closed string theory). It is remarkable that bound states of closed strings, such as D-branes, can be represented in terms of open string modes. This is a manifestation of open-closed string duality. My program of research consists in studying this duality, which I consider one of the fundamental properties of string theory, from which all dualities of the gauge-gravity type descend.

    ANOMALIES. The study of anomalies in field and string theory has been a persistent aspect in my activity. At present I am interetsted in trace anomalies in conformal field theories in four and higher dimensions.

    BLACK HOLE PHYSICS. Black hole physics is one of the most important grounds to study quantum gravity. At present I am studying the consequences on the black hole equation of motion and entropy when a gravitational Chern-Simons term is added to the Einstein-Hilbert action in various dimensions.

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