Serguey Petcov

Full Professor
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+39 040 3787 404

Research interests

      All aspects of neutrino physics and neutrino-related beyond the Standard Theory physics and the corresponding implications for collider phenomenology and in astrophysics and cosmology. More specifically, my research interests include:
      i) possible mechanisms of neutrino mass generation and their phenomenology;
      ii) theory and phenomenology of neutrino oscillations in vaccum and in matter;
      iii) the problem of the nature of massive neutrino (which can be Dirac or Majorana particles) and the related issue of total lepton charge nonconservation;
      iv) Dirac and/or Majorana violation of CP symmetry in the lepton sector and their possible implications;
      v) leptogenesis scenario of baryon asymmetry generation;
      vi) all aspects of the problems of the type of the neutrino mass spectrum and of the absolute neutrino mass scale;
      vii) the lepton flavour nonconservation and its possible manifestations;
      In the last few years particularly interested in:
      viii) the problem of the origin of the observed pattern of neutrino mixing and of neutrino masses (symmetries?) and, more generally, the flavour problem in particle physics;
      ix) the discrete flavour symmetry approach to neutrino mixing, masses and to the flavour problem.

      The preceding list is by no means exhaustive.

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