Post-Doc positions

The TPP Group announces the following Post-Doctoral positions.

SISSA post-doctoral positions (String theory, QFT, QG and related topics)

The TPP group invites applications for several postdoctoral positions funded by the ERC Consolidator Grant "Non-perturbative Dynamics of Quantum Fields: from New Deconfined Phases of Matter to Quantum Black Holes” and by the PRIN Grant “String Theory as a bridge between Gauge Theories and Quantum Gravity”.

The appointments will start in the Fall 2023 for a period of two years, extendable to a third year depending on performance. The successful applicants will be part of a vibrant research program at the interface between string theory, non-perturbative quantum field theory, holography, quantum gravity, condensed matter physics and mathematical physics.

Permanent members related to the program include Francesco Benini, Matteo Bertolini, Giulio Bonelli, Sergio Cecotti, Laura Donnay and Marco Serone. The group maintains close contacts with the HEP groups at the ICTP (including Bobby Acharya, Agnese Bissi, Atish Dabholkar, Mehrdad Mirbabayi, Joan Elias Miró, Pavel Putrov, Giovanni Villadoro), the INFN (Sergio Benvenuti) and the University of Trieste (Lorenzo di Pietro, Roberto Valandro, Michele Cirafici), as well as the Phenomenology, Astroparticle Physics, Statistical Physics (including Pasquale Calabrese and Erik Tonni), Mathematical Physics (including Alessandro Tanzini) and Condensed Matter Physics groups.

Candidates interested in the positions are invited to apply via the common European postdoc application website:

indicating SISSA among the preferred institutions. Applications should include CV, research statement, list of publications, and three letters of recommendation. To obtain full consideration, applications should be received by November 30, 2022.

Contact: Francesco Benini ( and Matteo Bertolini (

Please, note that we have signed the postdoc agreement as described in This implies that, when offering a postdoc position, we will in general not set a response deadline earlier than January 7, 2023.

Other positions

Announcements about other fellowships or positions can be found in the SISSA announcements page.