SISSA, Trieste

9-11 January, 2012

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The 2012 INFN meeting of the INFN Networks MI12, PI14, TS11, and TV12 devoted to "Theories of Fundamental Interactions" will take place at SISSA, Trieste, Italy, on January 9-11 2012. Previous meetings took place in Frascati in 2008 and in Perugia in 2010.


The conference aims at bringing together INFN experts in supersymmetric perturbative and non-perturbative quantum gauge theories, supergravity, string theory and related topics. The conference will be held in English.

There is no registration fee. Travel and accommodation expenses  should be covered by participants. Thanks to generous support from SISSA and INFN, the organization will cover coffee breaks, lunches and social dinner.

The Deadline for registration is December 5 2011.

Speakers include

Marco Bochicchio, Sergio Cecotti, Aldo Cotrone, Gianguido Dall’Agata, Giuseppe D’Apollonio, Davide Fioravanti, Dario Francia, Marialuisa Frau, Stefano Giusto, Pietro Antonio Grassi, Gianluca Grignani, Luca Griguolo, Alberto Lerda, Andrea Mauri, Francisco Morales, Alessandro Tomasiello, Walter Vinci, Fabio Zwirner.


Emanuele Tuillier Illingworth. For any enquires, please contact tuillier AT

Organizing Committee

Matteo Bertolini, Giulio Bonelli, Edi Gava, Marco Serone, Alessandro Tanzini.

Advisory board

Massimo Bianchi, Loriano Bonora, Ken Konishi, Alberto Zaffaroni.

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