V Avogadro Meeting on
Strings, Supergravity and Gauge theories

SISSA 21-23 December


The V Avogadro Meeting on Strings, Supergravity and Gauge theories will take place at SISSA, Trieste, from December 21 to December 23 2009.

Structure of the Meeting

The meeting, primarily targeted at young italian string theorists and postdocs, is meant as an occasion to discuss, in an informal atmosphere, recent developments in string theory and related areas.

The meeting is organized in thematic sessions. There will be five half-day sessions, each focusing on a specific topic, with a 90 minutes blackboard presentation by two speakers and a subsequent discussion where all participants can make questions, comments, and share their understanding and doubts.


This year topics (each title should be understood with a Recent developments on in front) and speakers are


To register, just send an email to E. Tuillier-Illingworth, tuillier at sissa.it, and Cc to M. Serone, serone at sissa.it. The deadline for registration is December 11th. Please, specify if you need financial support for the accomodation, and whether you would like to have access to SISSA wireless connection during your stay. If so, in order to speed up the procedure, please bring with you a copy of your identity card.

Scientific organizers

F. Bigazzi (ULB - Bruxelles), C. Maccaferri (ULB - Bruxelles), L. Martucci (ASC-LMU Muenchen), M. Trapletti (U. Bonn & BCTP - Bonn).

Local support

M. Bertolini, G. Bonelli, M. Serone, A. Tanzini. Secretary: Emanuele Tuillier-Illingworth.