Technology and knowledge transfer is a crucial and strategic activity within the more general mission of creating innovation and guaranteeing valorization of research and talents. It includes a wide range of activities and it is closely related with the so-called third mission of the School, together with Teaching and Research.

SISSA has given great impulse to this mission in the last few years thanks to  its efforts  to create better connections within the surrounding region, to be able to transfer research results and create new opportunities (valorization of talented students and researchers, joint research projects and initiatives at regional, national and international level, just to cite few ones), in order to improve the impact of the School’s activities on Society.

Our primary goal is to better motivate SISSA community to enforce this mission for the valorization of research activities (and talents) and to try to establish better connections with potential research partners and networks to guarantee a better visibility of the School, thanks to a virtuous contamination of ideas in the society. SISSA is well known for its high standards in education and research and this virtuous contamination helps keeping these high standards in research and, at the same time, creating motivation and new insights for scientists.

In the recent years several projects carried out thanks to private partnerships, as well as networks supported by technological clusters, regional, national and  European initiatives are clearly demonstrating that a solid bridge between Science and Industry not only is possible, but also expected to be fruitful. This bridge enhances knowledge valorization, speeds up innovation, and contributes in improving society and citizens’ quality of life, without forgetting SISSA’s motto “to follow virtue and knowledge”.


Prof. Gianluigi Rozza, SISSA Director’s delegate for Technology Transfer and Industrial Cooperation

Dr. Erica Maran, Head of Teaching and Research Services Area and responsible for SISSA Technology Transfer Office

Simonetta Vetter, Renè Buttò, Tecnology Transfer Project Managers