Knowledge Valorization

Got an idea? Want to find out if it has potential? Do you need help to draw up a business plan? Are you looking for partners to help you start your business? Or do you want to know more about patents and licensing to protect your invention?

SISSA Technology Transfer Service will help you every step of the way if you decide to transfer your research findings to the business world, by:

  • Identifying new Technologies and Know-How with potential market value
  • Protecting technologies through Intellectual Property, confidentiality agreements, etc.
  • Supporting development and commercialization strategies such as marketing and licensing to existing private sector companies or creating new Spin-Off & Start-up companies based on the developed technology

If you are a PhD student, a young or a senior scientist operating in SISSA, please contact our Office during your discovery process and research activity to discover the options that will best support the commercial potential of your research.