For Industries

Building relationships, partnerships and trust between industry and academia is a focus point for SISSA.

SISSA Technology Transfer Service is always keen to meet and listen to industry representatives and entrepreneurs who have specific technical problems to be solved or seek new business opportunities through R&D collaboration.

The Technology Transfer Service is keen to present to Companies the different types of collaboration available with our laboratories "Research for Business" as well as to provide information on "Technologies and Know-How" which SISSA can offer Companies for increase their competitive advantage on their markets.

If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities and engaging with SISSA as a collaborative partner, please contact us and we will be at your complete disposal in assisting you.



Research for Business

As a world-renowned centre for research, SISSA can help your Company achieve competitive advantage through knowledge and innovation. Technology Tranfer Service supports Companies from all industry sectors providing access to the extensive knowledge, skills and resources at SISSA.

By facilitating access to appropriate areas of research expertise, SISSA TTS offers the means to transform ideas into creative solutions, improved performance, new technologies, applications, products or skills.

Some of the research and consultancy solutions we offer:

  • Research Contracts – From straightforward testing and analysis to large-scale, ground-breaking projects, SISSA provides exclusive research services to clients on a commercial basis.
  • Collaborative research – Work with us to define, joint-fund and undertake pace setting research programmes.
  • Consultancy – Consult our academics or academic teams and get the specialist information and advice you need, or commission them exclusively to carry out short studies.