Technology and knowledge transfer is a crucial and strategic activity for SISSA related with the Third Mission. The aim is creating innovation and guaranteeing valorization of research and talents.

It includes a wide range of activities and it is closely related with the so-called Third Mission of the School, together with Teaching and Research, in order to improve the impact of the School’s activities on Society.



SISSA's motto is "to follow virtue and knowledge", without forgetting this we try to create a solid bridge between Science and Industry, this bridge enhances knowledge valorization, speeds up innovation and contributes in improving society and citizens' quality of life.

Our primary goal is to better motivate SISSA community to enforce this mission for the valorization of research activities (and talents) and to try to establish better connections with potential research partners and networks to create a virtuous contamination of ideas in the society.

SISSA Technology Transfer Service  promote integration of knowledge and industry and facilitating technology transfer from the academia to the society developing project proposals aimed at:
• increasing cooperation with PMI and Industries;
• promoting students’ innovative activity and entrepreunal approach;
• improving knowledge valorization and its impact.



   SISSA Director’s delegate for Technology Transfer and Industrial Cooperation

   Prof. Gianluigi Rozza




   Head of Teaching and Research Services Area and responsible for SISSA Technology Transfer Office

   Dr. Erica Maran




Technology Transfer Project Managers

Renè Buttò

Simonetta Vetter

Silvia Faion





Transfer of the results of scientific research to society and to the business sector is one of the institutional tasks carried out by SISSA.

SISSA promotes and organises research (even applied research) by favouring protection of intellectual property and economic valorisation of research results. Constant communication between researchers and the industry is a necessary condition for a successful process of technology transfer. SISSA aims at favouring collaboration with the business sector through research tasks, consulting, know-how transfer and conveyance or partnerships for joint innovation activities.


The Talent Valorization and Trasfer of knowledge Committee evaluates technology transfer initiatives and activities according to the rules of the School concerning spin-off, intellectual property protection, as well as contracts and conventions – on behalf of a third party – for research activities, consulting, education and transfer of research results.

The Committee is composed of the Director, the Deputy Director, the Secretary-General, the Manager of General Affairs Office and a representative for each scientific area at SISSA.