Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems

Polymer Physics
4.5 CFU

Angelo Rosa  
    Static properties of polymers:
    • The random flight model.

    • The Gaussian model.

    • The worm-like chain model.

    • Excluded volume effects.

    • The self-avoiding chain.

    • DeGennes’ "blob" model.

    Dynamical properties of polymers:
    • Non-entangled chains: The Rouse model.

    • Entangled chains: The "reptation" model.

    Monte-Carlo and Molecular Dynamics schemes for Polymer Physics.

The successful and proficient attendance of the course will be evaluated through an oral exam. The latter usually consists of a presentation of an advanced (state-of-the-art) Polymer Physics topic.

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[2] Rubinstein & Colby, Polymer Physics, Oxford University Press
[3] DeGennes, Scaling Concepts in Polymer Physics, Cornell University Press