Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems
Introduction to Metabolic Modeling
personJüergen Zanghellini

Computer models of biochemical networks are able to connect the genotype with the phenotype. In this primer we will give an introduction to biochemical network analysis with a special focus on constraint-based analysis.
We will introduce basic concepts of network reconstruction and constraint-based analysis of biological networks. In particular we will cover the process of building (genome-scale) metabolic models and study the steady state behavior of these networks with flux-balance analysis (FBA), metabolic pathway analysis (MPA) and related methods. Finally we will show that these methods are successfully used in metabolic engineering, where the constraint-based modeling approaches mentioned above are standard approaches for the rationally designing of microbial cell factories.

  • Basic mathematical concepts in systems biology and constraint-based analysis
  • Reconstruction of biochemical networks
  • Stoichiometric networks and their analysis
  • Applications in biotechnology
  • Hands-on computer tutorials
Required Materials For all except the first class, please bring your own notebook with
  • OptFlux,