Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems

PhD Courses

The PhD courses are organized in two main cathegories, as described below. Lectures are usually held in room A-132 (first floor). The Coordinator, or delegated faculty members, will inform you of any room change when necessary. The attendance to all the courses listed below is compulsory. Specific exceptions for non-attendance can be approved by the PhD faculty for motivated instances (e.g. a student has already a well-documented active expertise in the topic covered by one course). Most courses involve a final oral/written examination. The successful completion of these exams is a pre-requisite for admission to second year.

In addition to these courses students must attend at least one course offered by another SISSA PhD programme. The choice of this optional course is left to the student, who must inform the coordinator of his/her choice.

Courses Schedule

Courses by faculty members

CFU: 5
Alessandra Magistrato  
date_range TBA
CFU: 4.5
Angelo Rosa  
date_range Tue 16-18 and Thu 16-18
Cristian Micheletti  
date_range Mon-Wed 14-16
Giovanni Bussi  
date_range Tue-Thu 11-13
Alessandro Laio   Alex Rodriguez   date_range Mon-Wed-Fri 16-18