Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems

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access_time January 27, 2022

SISSA, the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste, Italy, welcomes applications for 4 PhD fellowships in Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems (theory and computation).

Candidates should apply by March 14, 2022 and submit their application exclusively online at:

Successful applicants will be admitted to a four-year programme, involving an initial training period based on interdisciplinary courses followed by supervised research activity in subject areas such as: soft matter physics, stat-mech of complex molecular systems, data analysis, physical chemistry, bioinformatics and advanced simulation techniques.

Applicants should have a strong background in Physics, Chemistry or related subjects and are expected to obtain their M.Sc. degree(laurea magistrale or equivalent) by October 31, 2022.

More information available at:

access_time February 01, 2021

The PhD Course is an innovative post-graduate program. The normal duration of the Ph.D programme is four years. After an eight-month intensive training period with lectures on a wide spectrum of advanced topics (statistical mechanics, polymer physics, data analysis, physical chemistry, bioinformatics, molecular simulation techniques, etc), the students start their own research activity under the supervision of a faculty member. Research is carried out in daily contact with the supervisor and collaborators.

In addition to attending colloquia and participating in regular seminars and journal clubs within the group, PhD students can also benefit from the existing collaboration with a large number of international research institutes and from the possibility to attend Summer Schools and International Workshops thanks to dedicated travel funds.

Applicants should have a good background in Physics and/or Chemistry and/or Applied Mathematics and are expected to obtain their M.Sc. (Laurea Magistrale) or equivalent degree by October 31, 2021. Applicants are selected on a competitive basis, by a written and oral exam and taking into consideration their CVs, undergraduate transcripts, and reference letters. SISSA can cover, in full or in part, the expenses for taking part to the exam. Please contact for further information.