Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems

PhD positions

PhD Fellowships at SISSA

If you are interested to join our PhD program in Physics and Chemistry of Biological systems, please follow this link to find information about the program and the entrance procedures.

Each year the Molecular and Statistical Biophysics Group selects about four students to attend a theoretical curriculum and one/two students for an experimental curriculum. The typical duration of the program is three years during which the students follow specialized courses and take part in cutting-edge research projects. Students are selected by two different routes, one accessible to all candidates and the other reserved to non-EU citizens.

For more details about PhD courses and past entrance examinations specific for our group, visit the PhD Program section.

Post-Doc positions

On average we have one or two openings per year for postdoctoral positions. The exact availability of positions follows the assignment of grants and therefore there are no systematic dates for the opening and start of the positions. Please contact directly one of the PIs to enquire about the current and pending openings.

Other positions

For other announcements about fellowships or positions, please visit the SISSA announcements page.