Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems
Group Seminar

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The 'Group Seminar' is a regular appointment of the Molecular and Statistical Biophysics group. It usually takes place in room 132 (first floor). The seminars typically last for 40 minutes leaving time for questions and discussion.

Simple regulatory strategies to control stochastic fluctuations in gene expression
  • perm_identity Prof. M. Caselle
  • business University of Torino

Event details:
event Mon, Jan 28 2019
access_time 12:00-13:00
location_on Room 128-129

Fine tuning of gene expression is essential for many cellular processes, from cellular responses to external stimuli to the cell cycle and circadian clocks. However, gene expression is subject to stochastic fluctuations, naturally inducing an uncertainty in the amount of gene products, with potential consequences on biological functions and phenotypes. In this talk, after a general introduction to gene expression and its regulation, we discuss a few regulatory strategies which guarantee optimal control of these stochastic fluctuations.
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  • perm_identity Dr. Luca Ghiringhelli

  • business Fritz-Haber-Institut, Max-Planck Berlin
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