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Marie Curie evaluation process

June 5-6, 2012

The workshop, organized by Welcome Office Friuli Venezia Giulia in cooperation with APRE FVG Trieste Helpdesk, APRE Catania Helpdesk and University of Catania, will present an overview of FP7 Marie Curie Funding, providing training targeted to researchers planning to submit a proposal for individual Fellowship.


AREA Science Park
Congress Centre (C1 Building-Meeting room)
Padriciano 99, 34149 Trieste


More info and programme:

Research Funding For Young SISSA Scientists

We are pleased to announce a competition for the funding of research projects coordinated by scientists who are holders of research fellowships ("assegni di ricerca"), even if not awarded by SISSA, and who carry out their activity at SISSA.

The following conditions must be met:

1. the termination date of the said fellowship (including possible renewals) is after at least 12 months from 01/10/2012,

2. no more than 10 years have passed since the applicant obtained his/her PhD degree, or equivalent, at the deadline for applying.

Mechanics of soft materials and tissues: modeling, simulation and experiments

Monday, 7 May, 2012 to Wednesday, 9 May, 2012 / Meeting Room VII Floor

The focus of the workshop is to connect people with a background spanning from Physics of Soft Tissues, Continuum Mechanics and Applied Mathematics. 

The workshop is supported by the projects MathLCEs and BrainIFEM, and will cover three specific applications in the areas of biological tissues in pathological conditions, and synthetic tissues:

Essential metals in brain development and neurodegeneration

21-22 May 2012

We are honored to inform you about the International Workshop on Essential metals in brain development and neurodegeneration that will be held on May 21-22 2012 in Trieste (Italy). The Workshop aims at gathering together researchers with different backgrounds, who are interested in the role of essential metals in brain development and neurodegeneration. Speakers are encouraged to address important open problems, stimulate discussion and interaction among participants.

il 2 novembre Maksimovič al Miela

Sabato 2 novembre 2013 alle 18.30 al Teatro Miela di Trieste (ingresso libero), si è tenuta la proiezione del film "Maksimovic. La storia di Bruno Pontecorvo", nell'ambito del festival cinematografico "Science Plus Fiction". Ideato da Giuseppe Mussardo, professore della SISSA, il film ripercorre la vita dello scienziato e dell'uomo che ha incarnato le contraddizioni e lo spirito di un secolo tormentato.

Marzotto Prize

The aim of the Gaetano Marzotto Prize is to pinpoint and back the development of new entrepreneurial ideas that can give an answer to the criteria of economic and financial sustainability and, at the same time, generate important and measurable social benefits for the Italian territory.

The competition is open to individuals, project teams, start-up firms, and already established companies. The participants must aim to develop their business ideas into actual undertakings.

Scomparso il Conte Auletta Armenise, creatore dell'omonima Fondazione

La Fondazione Armenise-Harvard annuncia la scomparsa, lo scorso 25 ottobre, del conte Auletta Armenise. Il conte creò la Fondazione Giovanni Armenise-Harvard presso la Harvard Medical School di Boston, la cui mission è quella di sviluppare ricerche nel campo delle scienze biologiche in Italia e negli Stati Uniti, di incoraggiare il rimpatrio dei ricercatori italiani e di attirare nel nostro Paese eccellenti ricercatori stranieri.

PhD honoris causa to Peter Higgs

The award-giving ceremony of the honorary doctorate (PhD) in Theoretical Particle Physics to Peter Higgs, the theorist of the Boson which was named after the scientist himself, has just ended. Higgs was unable to take part in the event due to health problems.
Guido Tonelli, the recipient of the Enrico Fermi 2013 Award assigned by the Italian Physics Society (SIF), in representation of the CMS experiment, and Anna Di Ciaccio, in representation of the Atlas experiment at LHC, collected the awards on Higgs' behalf.