Research Laboratories

For their research activities, the experimental groups of SISSA can use several laboratories.

The Neurobiology laboratories use advanced tools for physiological research, DNA sequence analyzer, and molecular biology instrumentation. This Area also uses advanced computers and software for molecular modeling, and for the study of hybrid bio-electronic devices. Advanced types of software for the study of biology-inspired machine vision are in use. The microscope facilities of the Neurobiology Area are: an electron microscope, two confocal microscopes and numerous fluorescence microscopes.

The facilities of the Cognitive Neuroscience laboratories are: test cabins for psycholinguistic experiments with adults and children using sophisticated artificial speech; a virtual theatre for presenting visual scenes to test reasoning processes in children; high-density evoked potential recording to carry out neuroimaging on children and adults; a neuropsychology laboratory equipped for transcranical magnetic stimulation. Other methodological highpoints include the tactile perception laboratory, which examines the neuronal basis of sensation using a 100-microelectrode matrix implanted in cerebral cortex; this group also monitors neuronal activity underlying perceptual decisions in behaving animals.



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