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Stefano Fabris wins a Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award

Stefano Fabris, from SISSA, has won one of this year’s “Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award”, from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Here is the motivation given by the Foundation: “Dr. Fabris is an internationally recognised leader in computational materials science. He has made important contributions to understanding materials at the nano-scale by means of density functional theory calculations, with particular reference to materials for renewable energy, namely on catalytic and electro-catalytic processes for artificial photosynthesis, fuel cells, and gas conversion and purification. By combining multi scale computational approaches, Dr. Fabris revealed the fundamental physical and chemical factors that control the structure-function relationship in complex real materials, and opened new perspectives for predictive materials modelling.”

The award was established to support scientists and scholars from abroad, internationally renowned in their field, who completed their doctorates less than 18 years ago and who in future are expected to continue producing cutting-edge achievements which will have a seminal influence on their discipline beyond their immediate field of work.

The award is valued at €45,000. Award winners are honoured for their outstanding research record and invited to spend a period of up to one year cooperating on a long-term research project with specialist colleagues at a research institution in Germany. The stay may be divided up into blocks.

The Humboldt Foundation grants about 20 Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Awards annually.

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