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Aiuta la ricerca, dona il tuo 5 per mille alla SISSA!

02 July 2020

Research on genetic diseases, studies on neurological and neurodegenerative pathologies, those on pain, brain neoplasms or spinal injuries for the development of innovative systems for the recovery of lost functions; not to mention the many investigations that have just started to study COVID-19: these are just some of the fields of study in which SISSA scientists are actively involved.

Donate your 5 per mille to SISSA! With your contribution you can give an important help to our research. The first university in Italy and seventh in Europe among the "Young Universities" in the Nature ranking, SISSA is interdisciplinary, international, inclusive, always at the forefront.

Thanks to your generosity, SISSA has already founded the “Laboratorio di Neurofisiologia Applicata” a Udine in collaboration with the local Istituto di Medicina Fisica e Riabilitazione. With a truly innovative approach, the Laboratory combines basic and clinical research in the field of motor rehabilitation.

Giving 5 per mille to SISSA is very easy. Just report it to the accountant or to the CAF when completing the tax return, enter the tax code 80035060328 in the box  ""Finanziamento della ricerca scientifica e delle università" " and put your signature.

SISSA is a public institute that makes scientific excellence in research and training its distinctive feature. Supporting our activities means taking a step towards a better tomorrow. For all of us.