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Studying biological processes through statistical mechanics

A new course in “Stochastic thermodynamics and thermodynamics of information”

Thanks to the programme for collaborations of excellence in research and education, Luca Peliti, formerly professor of statistical mechanics at the University Federico II in Naples, has recently joined SISSA. From 20 April he will be teaching the course “Stochastic thermodynamics and thermodynamics of information” which focuses in particular on the thermodynamic costs of information handling in living systems. The lessons touches on topics that are of interest to PhD students in different disciplines, from statistical physics to physics and chemistry of biological systems, from theory and numerical simulation of condensed matter to cognitive neuroscience. Peliti’s research activity mainly deals with non-equilibrium statistical mechanics. In particular, he is interested in the applications to biological systems, such as DNA replication and RNA transcription, and evolutionary problems, such as population dynamics and natural selection.

The programme for collaborations of excellence is aimed at supporting the presence at SISSA of Italian and foreign scientists of renowned scientific and cultural level as well as refugee scientists as visiting professors. The may spend between one month and one year at SISSA and may be involved in research as well as teaching activities. Six more visiting scientists are expected in the coming months and new calls will also be launched.

More info on the course

Programme for collaboration