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Stress, anxiety, insomnia: A SISSA survey tells the pandemic from the health professionals' perspective

12 July 2021
Only 4% of doctors and 3% of other health professions have benefited from the support...

A recently reported survey states that 67% of doctors and 61% of other health professionals fighting the COVID-19 crisis experienced psychological stress. The extreme difficulties encountered in their work induced feelings of hostility, frustration and helplessness, plus psychophysical symptoms such as depression, anxiety and insomnia, according to a survey carried out by SISSA researchers Elisabetta Pisanu (PhD student) and Ester Biecher (trainee) with the collaboration of Annalisa Di Benedetto and Maria Rita Infurna of ANVUR, and coordinated by Professor Raffaella Ida Rumiati of SISSA. However, the survey reveals that only 4% of doctors and 3% of other health workers requested and used the psychological support services provided to help them through the crisis. “These are striking figures” say the researchers “that should make us reflect on what can be done in the future to ensure greater participation by health professionals and greater protection of their psychological well-being”.

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