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Ecco ”Sissa for schools Digital Edition”!

15 April 2020
The well-know initiative with schools returns with an entirely new format

"If students can no longer visit SISSA, then we have to bring some SISSA to them, thanks to the enthusiasm of the researchers, a bit of technology and a lot of inventiveness to make the appointment fun and exciting". "SISSA for schools Digital Edition" is the name of the new project organized by SISSA Medialab's group including the coordinators of "SISSA for Schols": Simona Cerrato, Valentina Mengarelli and Francesca Rizzato. "Sissa for Schools" is the initiative that over the years has brought to SISSA groups of classes of all levels, every Thursday. Thousands of students have thus had the opportunity to get to know scientists, to visit the laboratories and to approach science in an informal, easy and pleasant way.

"With the Coronavirus emergency, the initiative stopped" explain the organizers "but we were sorry to end up like this, also because of the many requests from schools." And here, there is the new proposal. From April 16 until May 28, every Thursday students will be able to virtually meet researchers, attend their seminars, interact, ask questions and actively participate: “There will be presentations on various scientific topics, from neuroscience to mathematics or physics, but also surveys, quizzes, videos, all to make the meeting lively and engaging. The meetings will take place in videoconference and will last 45 minutesWe start on April 16 with the Copernico scientific high school of Udine, which will be followed by 10 other schools, with 15 scientists involved. In May, the appointments will double and will be two every Thursday morning. Some appointments will also be dedicated to Coronavirus.

The first theme will be "Brain between superpowers and super-deceptions" and the lead researcher will be Viola Del Pinto who thus talks about her participation in the project: "SISSA for schools wants to bring science and research back to its place: among people. And in these times of social distancing, SISSA for schools online offers us the opportunity to shorten distances, to feel less alone because we are close to doing science, and thus respond together to a common need."