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La SISSA riceve l'accreditamento ufficiale da ANVUR e MUR

17 September 2020

After the great commitment of ESOF2020 Trieste, SISSA is confirmed as one of the pillars of the Trieste System and among the Italian Higher Educations schools (Normale, Sant'Anna, IMT, IUSS and GSSI): the path towards the initial accreditation of SISSA by ANVUR, the National Evaluation Agency of the University System and Research, which began in May 2019, has been completed.

The opinion of the Commission of Experts for the Evaluation of Schools of Higher Education was extremely positive: in the note it is concluded that "SISSA is an international doctoral school of the highest quality, combining excellence in research in physics, mathematics and neurobiology with the didactic quality of the best doctoral schools of the Anglo-Saxon system".

The Commission also evaluated the School on the basis of an on-site visit in December 2019, in which it was possible to see the constant interaction between teachers, researchers and students "which represents a characteristic element of the School, probably unique in Italy and rare even at European level". The Commission had words of appreciation also for the quality of the student selection process "in particular the international part is unique in Italy" and even "to be taken as an example". For this reason too, the School's network of international relations has been described as "exceptional".

In addition to the excellent scientific level of staff and lecturers, the committee also acknowledged the professionalism and dedication of management and administrative staff.

In view of this extremely positive opinion, the MUR has decreed the official initial accreditation of SISSA.

"I am particularly proud of the result achieved by SISSA and I would like to thank my colleagues and all the administrative staff for their efforts in providing documentation to ANVUR and in organising the visit of the Evaluation Committee" Director Stefano Ruffo commented. "The process put in place has also already provided an opportunity to improve the School’s quality assurance system. The Commission has also given important indications on the lines to be followed for the improvement of the School’s research and doctoral training, which we will try to follow with determination."