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SISSA: first in Italy for the quality of research in 5 disciplines

20 July 2022

SISSA ranked first among Italian universities in five of the nine scientific-disciplinary fields in which it was assessed by ANVUR: 'physiology', 'mathematical analysis', 'geometry', 'mathematical physics' and 'theoretical physics, mathematical modelling and methods'. First also in the entire mathematical and computer science area, as well as first in the macro-sector “Physiology” and second in the macro-sector of “Matter physics”. The evaluation covers the quality of the scientific work of professors and researchers in the period 2015-19.

These are the remarkable results obtained by SISSA in the latest VQR (Evaluation of Research Quality) report officially presented today in Rome by ANVUR, the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes. ANVUR is the public body that monitors the state of research in Italy on behalf of the Ministry of University and Research.

More than 130 state and non-state universities, online universities, research institutes and other organisations were assessed in the VQR analysis. For each of the 17 subject areas investigated, divided into macro-sectors and, in turn, into more specific scientific-disciplinary sectors, ANVUR analysed the publications produced by researchers at each institution, for a total amount of no less than 183,000 scientific papers.

In particular, SISSA was assessed in the areas 'Mathematical and Computer Sciences', 'Physical Sciences', 'Biological Sciences' and 'Psychological Sciences'.

SISSA's achievements

Examining in detail the scientific-disciplinary fields, which investigate the various research areas in a more targeted manner, SISSA appears to rank first in more than half of the fields in which it was evaluated. SISSA therefore ranked first in the fields of 'Geometry' (out of 37 assessed institutions), 'Mathematical Analysis' (out of 45 assessed institutions), 'Mathematical Physics' (out of 27 assessed institutions), 'Theoretical Physics, Mathematical Modelling and Methods' (out of 32 assessed institutions) and 'Physiology' (out of 41 assessed institutions).

The VQR results particularly reward the activity in the field of mathematics, where SISSA ranked first amongst 60 institutions in the 'Mathematical and Computer Sciences' area, in all indicators assessed. But that is not all. Moving on to the macro-sectors, SISSA ranked first out of 55 in 'Mathematics', first out of 41 in 'Physiology' and tied for second in 'Matter Physics'.

The words of the Director of SISSA Andrea Romanino

Director Prof Andrea Romanino thus commented on the outcome of the report: "It's a very flattering result". Being first in Italy for the quality of research in most of the subject areas in which we operate confirms the excellent results achieved in previous evaluations and is consistent with our lecturers' success in finding European funding. It is a significant recognition for our community'.