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"A riveder le stelle": un film evento alla SISSA il 16 maggio

09 May 2022

What have people lost when the stars have been dimmed out by the artificial light? Is there a parallelism between artificial vs natural light and artificial vs natural intelligence? These are the issues dealt in the film-event "A riveder le stelle" that will take place at SISSA, room 128/129, on 16 May 2022 starting from 4.00 pm.

Within the framework of the International Day of Light (IDL), "A riveder le Stelle" will address the loss of the sight of the night sky that “the progress" has caused. The event includes the presentation of the film “A riveder le stelle” and a lecture on the topic.

The short film, conceived by Paolo Salucci and produced in collaboration with "Opera Viva" cultural association, was made with the participation of secondary school students together with well-known actress Lara Komar. The plot: the five worst students of a high school have, as a last chance not to be rejected, to discuss their scientific presentation concerning the stars in front of a very particular external teacher. Soon, however, it will be discovered that the evaluation is not unidirectional...

The International Day of Light (IDL) on May 16 is a worldwide initiative that provides an annual focal point for the continued appreciation of Light in all of its aspects and the role that it plays in science, culture and art, education and sustainable development.  The International Day of Light is administered by the International Basic Science Programme of UNESCO  and it is a campaign that has the ultimate scope of promoting the importance of science within the Society.   The broad theme of light allows many different activities to demonstrate how science, technology, art and culture are entangled and together and can help achieve the goals of UNESCO – education, equality, and peace. These activities  will be presented to the general public on  the Day of Light and in the nearby days, in a number of more than 100 local Events. (World Map of the Event)