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Nasce RACHAEL: la start-up dei Big Data che punta ad innovare il mondo della ricerca

25 September 2020
One of SWG's new flagship projects, carried out in collaboration with the University of Trieste and SISSA

It is called RACHAEL, after the "replicant" protagonist of Blade Runner, the innovative project that combines traditional market research with artificial intelligence and Big Data. A unique start-up in Italy which, thanks to the application of interpretative and predictive models, provides an accurate analysis of public opinion available through interactive data visualization systems.

The initiative is the result of the collaboration between SWG, a leading company in Italy in the market research sector, the University of Trieste and SISSA. Different know-how and a single goal: to further integrate the business world with that of research and provide new tools for policy making. A synergy that creates positive effects for the territory both in terms of employment and attractiveness.

Press release (in Italian)