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Quantum communication: a new agreement signed in Trieste

15 July 2022
The initiative promotes the study and application of quantum communication in the field of transports and port logistics

A step forward for the communication of the future in the logistics and transport sector was made yesterday in Trieste. An innovative agreement, unique in Italy, in terms of quantum communication was signed among the Port of Trieste, SISSA, The University of Trieste, Area Science Park and the National Research Council.

Using quantum properties to encode and protect data and communications in an unbreakable way, through the so-called quantum cryptography, is one of the challenges in the scientific and technological field that will have the greatest political and social impact in our future.

Since Friuli Venezia Giulia is a region where several research centers of excellence with solid international collaborations and one of the major logistics hubs on a European scale such as the port of Trieste coexist, it was natural for the Port System Authority to activate a dialogue with the main institutions in the sector. The aim is to promote new joint initiatives to investigate the theoretical and experimental bases as well as the application of quantum communication in the field of transports and port logistics.

For SISSA Director, Andrea Romanino: “This agreement represents another example of the ability of our territory to collaborate and to exploit its outstanding research skills, in this case around a project promoted by the University. The collaboration with the Port Authority is not new to SISSA but it is relevant that this time it concerns topics related to quantum science, as proof of the impact that fundamental science may have on our productive system.”

Press release (in Italian)