Harsh Out of Necessity

Multiple sclerosis (MS) can have a strong impact on the life of patients. Not only must they address the unpleasant symptoms, they are also subject to unpredictable relapses after more or less long periods of remission (which are irregular in duration), a condition that can cause anxiety and stress.

2+1 is Not Always 3

If a person pushes a broken-down car alone, there is a certain effect. If another person helps, the result is the sum of their efforts. If two micro-particles are pushing a third microparticle, however, the resulting effect may not necessarily be the sum their efforts. A recent study SISSA contributed to, published in Nature Communications, measured this odd effect that scientists call “many body.”  

La SISSA partecipa all’Internet Day 2016

Anche la Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA) di Trieste propone due interventi nell’ambito dell’Internet Day 2016, l’evento organizzato da Insiel e dalla Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia. Alle 11 del 29 aprile è previsto un seminario per le scuole dedicato ai supercomputer (con Stefano Cozzini), mentre alle 14.30 Loriano Bonora parla di editoria scientifica con il pubblico della SISSA.

Scienza e Virgola

4-7 maggio 2016, alle 17.30 e alle 20

Antico Caffè e Libreria San Marco, Libreria Lovat,

Libreria Minerva, Libreria Ubik, Trieste

“Teacher” Coderdojo alla SISSA

Gli insegnati e gli educatori della provincia di Trieste che vogliono utilizzare il computer a scuola in modo creativo e innovativo hanno ora la possibilità di partecipare a Teacher Coderdojo, un corso organizzato dalla SISSA in collaborazione con la famosa iniziativa internazionale Coderdojo (in particolare Coderdojo Trieste), pensata dal MIT di Boston e che da anni insegna ai bambini a programmare in modo semplice e divertente. Il corso si terrà il 28 aprile, è gratuito e aperto a insegnati ed educatori di Trieste e provincia.

RNA in stop-motion

Using an original technique based on experimental data, SISSA scientists have created short animations predicting the transition of RNA strands from one conformation to another. The results have been published in the journal Nucleic Acids Research.

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Simulations “sharpen” their tools

For several years now, numerical simulations have been recognised as an important method of scientific investigation in the field of the physics of materials (amongst others). With simulations, reality is reproduced, by means of computer calculations, to a necessary degree of approximation (which may produce errors) that experts refer to as “precision”. An article in Science, authored by a large group of scientists from 44 international institutions, marks the beginning of a major process of validation of algorithms and methods which, though different, converge on the same “problems”.

Paths and Spaces of Language

A “three-handed” project which has the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste collaborating with the University of Tel Aviv and the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Paris has been awarded a program grant by the Human Frontier Science Program for over a million dollars. The funding will be used to study “analogical processes” at the foundation of human language, a largely unexplored field. 

“I care for you”, says the autistic moral brain

“Autistic people are cold and feel no empathy.” True? It is a pervasive stereotype, but when analyzed through the lens of science, reality turns out to be quite different. According to a study at SISSA, carried out in collaboration with the University of Vienna, when autistic people are placed in "moral dilemma" situations, they show an empathic response similar to the general population.

La scienza pensata

24 marzo-5 maggio 2016, ore 18

Sala Bazlen, Palazzo Gopcevich,

Via Rossini 4, Trieste


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