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Avicenna’s lesson

29 October 2014

6 November, 6.00 pm

Caffè Tommaseo

Piazza Nicolò Tommaseo, 4c, Trieste

“Possible Worlds and Will in Avicenna” is the title of the first meeting of the cycle “Science, literature and civic engagement” organized by the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of SISSA. Once a month, writers, scientists and scholars will meet the public to discuss different themes. The first appointment is with Sari Nusseibeh, professor of philosophy at Al Quds University in Jerusalem, who will talk about Avicenna, Persian scientist and among the greatest thinkers of all times.

How many “lives” on other planets?

28 October 2014

5 November, 6.30 pm

Miela Theatre

Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi, 3, Trieste

The meeting “How many ‘lives’ on other planets? One, none or a hundred thousand”, a public event within the “EU-Russia Year of Science” conference, will explore what we know about the possibility of life in the Universe beyond our planet with the help of scientists. The round table will be followed, at 8.30 pm, by a screening of “District 9”, a visionary film set in a dystopian future where humans and aliens live together.

MCA: ageing towards perfection

07 October 2014

The call for applications is now open to this year’s Master in Complex Actions at SISSA (MCA), the course that trains students to face up to the challenges of the global markets by combining management skills with leading-edge science. This year’s challenge is the ageing of the world population: how best to deal with this new global scenario and turn a problem into a resource?

“The Merry Wives of Windsor” at SISSA

01 October 2014

October 9, 6.30 pm

SISSA, “P. Budinich” Main Lecture Hall 

Via Bonomea 265, Trieste

The Trieste University Theatre Centre (CUT) will be at SISSA to perform William Shakespeare’s comedy “The Merry Wives of Windsor”. The appointment is for Thursday 9 October at 6.30 pm in the “P. Budinich” Main Lecture Hall; the event is free and open to the public. The show is the first of a short series of theatrical events offered by SISSA to its students, teachers, and staff as well as to the general public, all of which will take place at SISSA during the autumn. 

AAA Gemelli cercasi

26 September 2014

La SISSA di Trieste, insieme al Registro Nazionale Gemelli dell’ISS di Roma, sta conducendo una ricerca sulle basi genetiche del pregiudizio. Lo studio ha bisogno di coppie di gemelli tra i 18 e i 40 anni e viene condotto nella sede della SISSA.

Gravitational waves according to Planck

22 September 2014

Scientists of the Planck collaboration, and in particular the Trieste team, have conducted a series of in-depth checks on the discovery recently publicised by the BICEP2 project (the Antarctic observatory), which announced last spring that it had detected some direct effects of gravitational waves on cosmic microwave background radiation, a (potentially) groundbreaking discovery in the field of cosmology. Many scientists raised doubts: could the signal observed be the result of contaminants?

MCS: Ultimi giorni per l’iscrizione

12 September 2014

Ancora pochi i giorni che rimangono per iscriversi alle selezioni di quest’anno per il Master in Comunicazione della Scienza della SISSA di Trieste. Il termine ultimo infatti è il 30 settembre (alle 12), e nel frattempo si preparano alcune importanti novità per i futuri studenti. Il 15 settembre alle 11 si terrà infatti un incontro presso la sede di TV Koper Capodistria per annunciare la collaborazione tra il Master e la televisione. Le due realtà hanno sottoscritto un accordo che permetterà agli studenti di svolgere degli stage presso la realtà slovena.