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New PRIN funding were announced: two out of nine projects are led by SISSA

04 October 2021
The mathematicians Massimiliano Berti and Stefano Bianchini are PIs of two projects funded by MUR

The Italian Ministry of University published the list of the nine funded projects of Mathematics in the panel PE1, for the three-years public research projects PRIN2020: two of them are led by two professors of the SISSA research group in Mathematical Analysis.

The project of Professor Massimiliano Berti concerns Hamiltonian and dispersive partial differential equations, like the Euler equations of fluids, the wave and Schrodinger equations, which model many acoustic, electromagnetic and quantum phenomena.

Partial differential equations are also at the core of the project by Professor Stefano Bianchini, which focuses on the theoretical aspects and applications in the fields of classical and quantum fluid dynamics.

Both the projects aim to gather the main Italian experts in these fields. The PRIN program intends to finance research projects which require collaboration, due to their complexity and nature, among scientists from different research organizations.