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Michele Dibattista: my fantastic journey in the odors' world

07 October 2021
SISSA alumni: a new success story

For more than 40 years, SISSA has been training students and early career researchers, giving them the instruments to pursue their own path of excellence. And now, as leaders in their own fields, our SISSA alumni recount their own success story and give us their prospective on their fields. 

Michele Dibattista has a degree in biology and a SISSA PhD in neuroscience. He currently works at the University of Bari, Italy, as associate professor.  In this article, he tells us about his career and his work as a researcher.

"In his novel “Il nome, il naso”, the famous Italian novelist Italo Calvino wrote: “Smell tells you without doubt what you have to know. There are neither words nor information precise enough to describe what the nose perceives”. Smell is the mysterious and rarefied world that Michele Dibattista explores every day through his scientific activity. It’s like a trip into an impalpable realm whose inhabitants, though invisible, can convey pleasures and displeasures, good and bad memories, strong or delicate emotions, alarm or a sense of tranquillity..."

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