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Io & Tech: short lessons to discover technologies

15 October 2020
The sociologist Massimiano Bucchi presents his news book on 22 Oct, 5.30 pm, in Trieste

From Google to Facebook, from Airbnb to Amazon, the web really envelops our life. How to avoid getting entangled in it without however demonizing its use? How to learn to use technology intelligently?

In his latest book, Io & Tech (published by Bompiani) the sociologist Massimiano Bucchi guides the reader to discover technology through short theoretical lessons, all accompanied by practical exercises that everyone can put into action in their daily technological experience.

Professor Bucchi will present his book in Trieste on 22 October at 5.30 pm at Antico Caffè e Libreria San Marco. Nico Pitrelli, Head of SISSA Media Relations and Communications Unit will moderate the event. The book presentation will be in Italian and will be a sneak peek of Scienza & Virgola, the Science and Media Festival that will take place in April 2021 in Trieste.

Massimiano Bucchi is full professor of Sociology of Science and Communication, Science and Technology at the University of Trento, is director of the Master in Communication of Science and Innovation and has been a visiting professor in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. He collaborates with la Repubblica and La Lettura - Corriere della sera. In addition to “Per un pugno di Idee” published by Bompiani, he wrote other books about technological innovation, the history of science and science applied to cooking, published by Einaudi, Guanda and Il Mulino and others.