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Nobel per la fisica a Giorgio Parisi: Ruffo, un genio generoso

05 October 2021
I've never met anyone like him for the vastness and originality of problems faced

"A generous genius, who never had any qualms about sharing his ideas with others. Also because he always had so many ideas, too many to be able to realize them all by himself. It’s a nice Nobel Prize". Our director, Stefano Ruffo, movingly made his comment on ANSA in recognition of Giorgio Parisi, with whom he worked at the beginning of his career, remaining in close contact with him to this day. 

"I feel like part of a historical moment that goes far beyond my abilities and I feel a lot of emotion. When he started out his work he was alone, I started in 1978 to work with him, I was 24 years old, he was 30, but he was a great teacher. During my professional life he has been a reference point. Giorgio has discovered and solved such a diverse quantity of problems and topics and what he did is really unique for the vastness and originality with which he faced problems, among the most diverse", continued Ruffo.

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