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Fields Medal to Alessio Figalli: great news for Italian Mathematics

02 August 2018
The mathematician was awarded during the International Congress of Mathematics 2018

SISSA would like to warmly congratulate Alessio Figalli on his extraordinary achievement that represents a great success for Italian Mathematics community: Figalli has just been awarded the Fields Medal for his work on optimal transport and its applications, in partial differential equations, metric geometry, and probability. In these fields, he obtained a series of tremendous achievements by addressing and solving several important problems.

The Fields Medal Ceremony took place during Rio de Janeiro’s International Congress of Mathematics 2018.

Figalli's research themes have always been important in the Italian School of Calculus of Variation. SISSA faculty have had the pleasure to collaborate with him on several occasions. In particular, Figalli worked with Guido De Philippis and Nicola Gigli in cutting-edge research.

One of Figalli’s many important results, also mentioned in the laudatio given by Luis Caffarelli, was obtained in collaboration with Guido De Philippis and concerns the regularity theory for the Monge-Ampère equation and its application in the semi-geostrophic equations, a system of equations describing the large-scale motion of the atmosphere.

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