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Federica Surace wins the “Giuliano Preparata” prize of the Italian Physical Society

08 September 2020
The SISSA PhD student has been awarded for her study on out-of-equilibrium quantum systems

The Italian Physical Society announces the “Giuliano Preparata” award every year in memory of the professor who died in 2000, for a young theoretical physics graduate with a thesis on the phenomenology of elementary particles, gravitational waves, neutrino physics and the structure of matter.

This year the prize was awarded to Federica Surace, PhD student in condensed matter physics at SISSA, "for her notable contributions to the out-of-equilibrium dynamics of many-body quantum systems, with the aim of understanding the origin of their thermalization and under what conditions it is absent".

“I am very happy to have received this award, it is a great recognition for me, but it is also the result of collaborations that would not have been possible without a environment like the one I found in SISSA and ICTP: I am extremely grateful to my supervisor Marcello Dalmonte and to the other people I have worked with so far ” says the researcher.