FARE fundings for three SISSA scientists

Domenica Bueti, Davide Crepaldi and Gianluigi Rozza awarded

Time maps, reading patterns, innovative numerical methods in fluidodynamics. These are the topics of the research projects led by Domenica Bueti, Davide Crepaldi and Gianluigi Rozza at SISSA that were just awarded by FARE – Framework per l’Attrazione e il Rafforzamento delle Eccellenze per la Ricerca in Italia. These fundings represent vital additional supports for ERC - European Research Council grant holders based in Italy. Three out of fifty projects awarded are carried out at SISSA: two in neuroscience, one in mathematics, for a total budget of 640,000 Euros.

The "BiT" project, led by Domenica Bueti, studies the neuronal processes underlying the perception of time, exploring whether there is a cerebral topography in the brain’s clocks, and asking "when" and "how" the clocks interact. "STATLEARN", coordinated by Davide Crepaldi, deals with the understanding of how our reading skills depend on the fact that the brain unconsciously identifies recurring patterns in the way that letters are organised to form words. "AROMA-CFD" project, headed by Gianluigi Rozza, is developing reduction techniques for numerical simulation in real time, in order to export and develop scientific computing in fields where at the moment there is still little exploitation, for example in complex system design for industry and hospitals. (Image: Istock by MATJAZ SLANIC)