Start Cup FVG 2017

You have time until 10 April 2017 at 12 pm to register for the business plan competition Start Cup FVG.
The initiative is open to everyone: students, graduates, entrepreneurs, natural or legal persons. The prize is 112.00,00 €.

You can register to candidate your innovative business projects through the website 

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Student day returns!

SISSA Student day is back! Wednesday 8 February will be totally dedicated to youngsters, free to choose whether to visit labs, the exhibition about the story of the Universe located in SISSA 130 metre corridor or attend interactive lessons and seminars. In an informal and pleasant context, curiosity will be the students’ only guide when they explore the 40 planned activities on offer. More than 500 students from high school - coming from Friuli Venezia Giulia and other Italian regions - will participate in the third edition of the event.

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PhD honoris causa to Antonio Damasio: ceremony cancelled

Unfortunately, the PhD honoris causa award ceremony planned for Tuesday 31 January 2017 in SISSA, Trieste, has been cancelled. Antonio Damasio will not be able to attend because of a sudden indisposition.

Purtroppo la cerimonia di assegnazione del PhD honoris causa al neuroscienziato Antonio Damasio, in programma martedì 31 gennaio alle ore 10 alla SISSA, è stata cancellata. Lo studioso non potrà intervenire per un'improvvisa indisposizione.

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The biological origin of the conscious mind

Consciousness is a grand symphonic piece that makes sense of the world. This analogy summarizes one of the highest achievements of Antonio Damasio, one of the world’s leading neuroscientists, who will be awarded the PhD honoris causa by SISSA, Trieste, on 31 January 2017. In his Lectio magistralis, entitled “Body and mind: homeostasis, feeling and cultures”, the Portuguese-American scientist will present some of the groundbreaking results of his career.

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Famelab 2017

Famelab is back on stage! Famelab is the international competition that challenges young scientists with a flair for communication to tell in just 3 minutes the object of their study, or a fascinating scientific topic. SISSA is one of the partners of the Trieste edition, that will take place on Wednesday 22 February 2017 at the Miela theatre from 9 a.m.. Famelab Trieste is organized by Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico in collaboration with AREA Science Park, Comune di Trieste, Università degli Studi di Trieste e Università degli Studi di Udine.

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SISSA in Festa 2016: Scienza Odori Storie

27 maggio 2016, dalle 14.30 alle 23

SISSA, via Bonomea 265, Trieste


La SISSA e l’Università di Trieste aderiscono all’iniziativa della CRUI "Per una nuova primavera dell'Università" prevista per lunedì 21 marzo in tutte le sedi degli atenei italiani, statali e non statali. Durante questa giornata si terranno incontri e dibattiti pubblici per riaffermare il ruolo strategico della ricerca e dell’alta formazione per il futuro del Paese. Verranno discusse e raccolte idee e proposte da consegnare al Governo in un documento di sintesi unitario redatto dalla conferenza dei rettori delle università italiane (CRUI).

Le malattie infettive spiegate ai ragazzi

18 Novembre 2015, ore 10.30

SISSA, Big Meeting Room (settimo piano)


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