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ERC alla SISSA: in nove video le ricerche altamente innovative finanziate dall'UE

17 December 2019
Nine stories of scientific excellence

Emotions, projects, dreams are at the core of the stories of nine SISSA researchers funded by the European Research Council (ERC), now available on video. Thanks to them and their scientific excellence, SISSA explores frontier themes that cover the three research areas: from vision to gravitational waves, from time perception to fluid dynamics. The videos are now available on the SISSA Youtube channel.

Since the set-up of the ERC in 2007, the School has obtained 24 prestigious ERC grants, the last of which was just announced. SISSA thus ranks among the top Italian institutions, especially considering the small faculty size: more than 20% of its current faculty members has in fact obtained one or more grants. In particular, since 2007, SISSA has received 8 Starting Grants, 8 Advanced Grants, 6 Consolidator Grants and 2 Proof of Concept Grants.

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