Cosmology 2023 in Miramare


Cosmology is, today, one of the most important frontiers of knowledge. The mystery of dark matter and the puzzle of dark energy are still outstanding.  On the observational side, there is an exponential growth of accurate and crucial  data which will help in establishing the new  theories to understand the Universe.

Started on 28 August, Cosmology 2023 brings together 200 researchers (from 25 countries) from the observational, computer simulation and theoretical sides working in cosmology, astrophysics and astroparticle physics, to investigate the current situation as well as  prospects for the future improvements.

All the topics will be discussed from different angles starting from the booming flow of observational data. The issues addressed will include:

The current Cosmological Model and its Tensions (Theory and observations)

Dark Matter (Theory, Observations, Detection, Production)

The Evolving Universe (Reionization, first galaxies and their SMBH, Quasars and AGN, the assembly of cosmological structures)

Probes of the Universe from (new incoming) measurements of the CMB and of its Large Scale structure.

Multimessenger cosmology (Gravitational waves, Cosmic Gamma and X-rays, Neutrinos)

Black holes in the Universe over 10 orders of magnitude in mass

Astrophysical aspects of Cosmology.

Organized by SISSA (Trieste), with support from University of L'Aquila and IFPU, the conference will take place in presence at the Miramare Campus, Trieste.

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