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Coronavirus update: new policies from FVG Region

20 March 2020

Massimiliano Fedriga, President of the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, has announced that new measures will be taken in order to limit the spreading of COVID 19 infection. The new strategies of containment include the closure of all shops and commercial activities on Sunday (with the exception of pharmacies, parapharmacies and newsstands) and the prohibition of taking a walk, jogging, physical training or simply staying in crowded areas or wherever several people are present. For this reason, public parks and garden will be closed. The new measures will be valid from Friday 20 March to 3 April 2020.

The 5 points of the decree are:

1. in implementation of the prohibition to leave home - with the exceptions allowed by the law - and the prohibition to create gatherings in public places, it is forbidden to carry out physical or sport activities, as well as to walk or entertain in areas frequented by more people, with particular regard to public parks or gardens, or other areas which may in any case attract the presence of several people at the same time;

2. in order to implement the provision referred to in point n. 1, Mayors are obliged to order the closure of all public parks or gardensc, or other areas which may in any case attract the presence of several people at the same time;

3. all Citizens of the Region are obliged to limit their movements exclusively to the work, personal or health needs defined by the national legislation and to self-certify these needs in the forms prescribed by the same, for any verification by the competent Authorities;

4. all Citizens of the Region, in accessing businesses open to the public to obtain supplies, are obliged to limit access to the premises to one member per family, except for proven reasons of assistance to other people.

5. the closure, on Sunday, of all shops of any nature, except for pharmacies, parapharmacies and newsagents.

The full text of the decree (in Italian) is available here.

(Image by E Johnson)