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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: mask use is mandatory also outdoors

07 October 2020

As part of  the anti-contagion measures, the Italian Government has just extended the use of the masks also outdoors when close to other people who are not cohabitants. The rule does not apply to children under the age of six, those who play sports and people with pathologies and disabilities not compatible with the use of the mask.

The anti-contagion rules in force since the beginning of the pandemic remain valid. Among these: the physical distance of at least one meter, the prohibition of gathering, the respect of hygiene measures starting from hand washing and the obligation not to leave the house with more than 37.5 of fever. We warmly invite you all to comply with all of them.

Moreover, Covid Test is now mandatory if you arrive in Italy from Belgium, Uk, North of Ireland, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Czech Republic and Malta.