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Isolamento da Coronavirus e violenza domestica

31 March 2020
Call phone number 1522, toll free and active 24/7 for help

In recent weeks, many women who have been subjected to domestic violence are being forced to remain in their families and thus to be in direct contact with their torturers, at great risk for their health and safety.

According to the figures in Telefono Rosa, "in this period of forced cohabitation and restrictions on movement, women are less able to denounce the violence suffered by their partners; there is a real collapse in reports, the calls to 1522 in the last two weeks have halved regarding the same period last year and the legal complaints to law enforcements have diminished 50%".  But this is certainly not the sign of a reduction in violence.

It is therefore important to disseminate as much as possible the number 1522, free and active 24 hours a day, and let people know that there is the app 1522 downloadable on the smartphone to chat with operators and ask for help. For women in these conditions, it also becomes difficult to make a phone call out of fear of being heard by their cohabitant and therefore also the chat becomes a possibility to get in touch with the operators. We avoid at all cost the risk of an escalation of violence against women and feminicides, as has already happened  in China as denounced by some NGOs.