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Coronavirus policy updates - 30 October

30 October 2020

Although the situation in SISSA is under control through the tracing of close and casual contacts, it is clear that the evolution of infections requires the identification of measures aimed at preventing the spread of cases, also because the external pandemic situation has made it difficult for health institutions to carry out tracking and tasting, given the continuous increase in the number of contagions at national and local level.

Taking advantage of the reduced number of working days in the next week for the San Giusto celebrations, SISSA will therefore implement restriction of access from 2/11 to 8/11, in order to greatly reduce the possibility of potential contacts, thus easing the pressure on the School, on the tracing and allowing more in-depth sanitization procedures.

Access to SISSA will be granted only for the conduct of experimental research and for the essential and unavoidable technical and administrative functions. Teaching will be exclusively online. The library service will be closed.

The decision of this temporary closure is an investment, to allow us to try to continue to do indifferable activities in presence and in more serenely. Next week the Task Force will meet with the aim of evaluating and defining guidelines for the resumption of work in presence in the week of 9 November, compatibly with the external pandemic trends, and in any case with ways that allow a reduced presence in SISSA.

For this investment to be successful, it is very important that, even outside of SISSA, all members of the community maintain cautious and appropriate behavior, minimizing contact and practicing physical distance.

Sure of you understanding,

Stefano Ruffo and Gabriele Rizzetto