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Christmas Lecture: The gastronomic universe

05 December 2018
A Colloquium by physicist Andrey Varlamov

12 December 2018, 4 pm
SISSA, "P. Budinich" Main Lecture Hall

How does heat propagate in media? What is the difference between pizza baking in the traditional wood oven and in the electric one? Why tastes of the boiled meet and the grilled one are so different? How can we scientifically calculate cooking time of the soft-boiled duck egg and spaghetti? Why cin-cin with crystal glasses filled by sparkling wine is not accompanied by nice canorous sound? Why does vodka usually contain around 40% of alcohol? Why professional barman varies the degree of coffee beans grounding depending on weather? These are some of the questions on the surrounding gastronomic universe that will be addressed by physicist Andrey Varlamov of CNR, Rome.

Please note that the event will be held in Italian.
A toast will follow to celebrate together the upcoming holiday season.