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Coronavirus: limits and indications on the collection and use of data in the experience of an FVG expert group

01 April 2020

Number of tests, number of patients admitted, fraction of those tested positive in hospital: what are the data that give us a real picture of the situation of the epidemic? Can forecasts based simply on number of people testing positive really allow us to make adequate forecasts? Never before has data played such a central role in our lives as at this time: knowing how to read them properly and interpreting them correctly by identifying the parameters to be considered is fundamental.

Coronavirus: Sissa promotes an international initiative for easier access to data and research

26 March 2020

The need for information on coronavirus infection is growing. A new statement - promoted by the structures in charge of preserving knowledge, libraries, and addressed to Publishers - aims to sustain these fundamental process through an easier access to data, sources and research...

First online PhD defense at SISSA and in Italy

17 March 2020

Yesterday afternoon the candidate Chiara di Paolo has successfully defended her Ph.D. Thesis in Astrophysics and Cosmology via a fully on-line session.

In particular, Chiara, her supervisor Prof. P. Salucci, the two external examiners Prof. F. Nesti and A. Burkert, the SISSA committee and the rest of the audience (including some other SISSA students) were all remotely connected via web from their own home using a communication software among those currently adopted by SISSA for ensuring the continuation of team research work.

SISSA Coronavirus Policy Update March 10th

09 March 2020

SISSA is an institution of scientific excellence and, at a time that we cannot hesitate to call serious, we can only reaffirm our total confidence in the science and community of epidemiologists, doctors and nurses at the forefront of coping with the virus in recent weeks and days. In regards to the new dispositions defined by the Governmental decree approved Monday 9, extending “reinforced containment” areas to all Italy, SISSA policies are as follows: