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La SISSA riceve l'accreditamento ufficiale da ANVUR e MUR

17 September 2020

The opinion of the Commission of Experts for the Evaluation of Schools of Higher Education was extremely positive: in the note it is concluded that "SISSA is an international doctoral school of the highest quality, combining excellence in research in physics, mathematics and neurobiology with the didactic quality of the best doctoral schools of the Anglo-Saxon system".

Andrea Mondino ha vinto il Whitehead Prize

08 September 2020

Andrea Mondino has been awarded the Whitehead Prize by the London Mathematical Society, in recognition of his contributions to geometric analysis in differential and metric settings. In particular, he has played a central part in the development of the theory of metric measure spaces with Ricci curvature lower bounds.

Dr. Mondino obtained his PhD in Mathematics at SISSA in 2011 and now is Associate Professor at the Mathematical Institute-University of Oxford and Tutorial Fellow of Pure Mathematics at St. Hilda’s college.

Federica Surace ha vinto il premio “Giuliano Preparata” della Società Italiana di Fisica

08 September 2020

The Italian Physical Society announces the “Giuliano Preparata” award every year in memory of the professor who died in 2000, for a young theoretical physics graduate with a thesis on the phenomenology of elementary particles, gravitational waves, neutrino physics and the structure of matter.


13 August 2020

The EuroScience Open Forum, the largest pan-European event focusing on debate at the interface of science, technology, society and politics, will take place in Trieste from 2 to 6 September with a renewed program after the pandemic emergence. SISSA will be present at the forum...

Immuni: help yourself, help each other

10 August 2020

Since the beginning of the epidemic, SISSA has always strived to keep its students and staff safe and prepared and using all the resources at our disposal. Among these, Immuni, the Italian contact tracing app, is a valuable tool that sadly has not been taken up as much as it should have. Every single user increases its overall effectiveness: we strongly recommend you to install Immuni and use it correctly.