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"The Stochastic Thermodynamics of Computation": a Webinar Colloquium by Prof. David Hilton Wolpert

28 May 2020

One of the central concerns of computer science is how the resources needed to perform a given computation depend on that computation. Moreover, one of the major resource requirements of computers—ranging from biological cells to human brains to high-performance (engineered) computers—is the energy used to run them, i.e. the thermodynamic costs of running them. Those thermodynamic costs of performing a computation have been a long-standing focus of research in physics, going back (at least) to the early work of Landauer and colleagues.

SISSA-ICTP Colloquium | Epidemic control of COVID-19 through instantaneous contact tracing: the case for a mobile app-based solution

22 April 2020

There is an ongoing public debate about mobile apps for contact tracing. Unfortunately, the most important questions are often absent. On Friday 24 April at 2 pm, Luca Ferretti of the Big Data Institute in Oxford...

Coronavirus Update, April 10

10 April 2020

Moments ago, with the new decree by the President of the Council of Ministers on the 10th of April 2020, all provisions regarding quarantine and movement restriction from previous decrees, including the ordinances from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transports, are extended until May 3rd. 

Coronavirus: limiti e indicazioni sulla raccolta e l'utilizzo dei dati nell'esperienza di un gruppo di esperti FVG

01 April 2020

Number of tests, number of patients admitted, fraction of those tested positive in hospital: what are the data that give us a real picture of the situation of the epidemic? Can forecasts based simply on number of people testing positive really allow us to make adequate forecasts? Never before has data played such a central role in our lives as at this time: knowing how to read them properly and interpreting them correctly by identifying the parameters to be considered is fundamental.