4th Workshop on Geometric Methods in Theoretical Physics

SISSA - Trieste, July 6-12, 2011

Scientific program

Wednesday 6
09:40-10:40BruzzoNoether-Lefschetz problem for hypersurfaces in toric varieties
12:00-13:00ZhaoVortex partition functions and Liouville/Toda CFTs
15:00-15:40GamayunFirst order string theory and Kodaira-Spencer equations
15:40-16:20AlbaBasis for AGT relation
16:20-17:00SalaAGT conjecture for r=2 and c=1
17:00-17:40Morozov And.WDVV equations
Thursday 7
09:40-10:40ApenkoF-theorem, entropy and information
11:00-12:00Mironov A.Knot polynomials and superpolynomials
12:00-13:00Helminck G.Integrable deformations in the pseudo differential operators
15:00-15:40AmburgFlat Metrics and moduli spaces
15:40-16:20BraunFluxes and algebraic cycles in IIB and F-Theory
16:20-17:00CardonaApproximate Hermitian-Yang-Mills structures for Higgs bundles
17:00-17:40SlepukhinDerivation of Hawking effect via path integrals
Friday 8
09:40-10:40DabrowskiQuantum Isometries in the Standard Model
11:00-12:00KannoInstanton partition function with a surface operator and W algebras
15:00-15:40PopolitovResolvents and Seiberg-Witten representation for Gaussian beta-ensemble
15:40-16:20WalliserComputational tools for constructing smooth Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces
16:20-17:00Mironov S.Non-Gaussianity in a model with conformal scalar field
17:00-17:40PopovW bosons in external magnetic field
Saturday 9
09:40-10:40AkhmedovKinetic equation in global de Sitter vs Poincare patch
11:00-12:00MaruyoshiInstantons on ALE spaces and super Liouville conformal field theories
15:00-15:40VasilievAssociativity equations and calculations of prepotential
15:40-16:20TortellaLambda-modules and holomorphic Lie algebroid connections
16:20-17:00VlasovDifficulties in small perturbations treatment of expanding Universe
17:00-17:40BurdaCosmological Constant and Casimir Effect
Monday 11
09:40-10:40RashkovAspects of String/Gauge theory duality
15:00-15:40Mironov A.TBA
15:40-16:20Dunin-BarkowskiCombinatorial approach to Kontsevich integral and KZ equation
Tuesday 12
11:00-12:00PolyubinEffective charge in 4d Self-Dual Gauge Theory
12:00-13:00AldrovandiIntroduction to nonabelian cohomology towards nonabelian A- and B-fields
15:00-15:40GalakhovConformal block modular transformation and S-duality
15:40-16:20SekiRegge Amplitudes via AdS/CFT
16:20-17:00AnokhinaIntroduction to localization
17:00-17:40AristovaIntroduction to Galileons
17:40-18:20GamayunSupercritical Coulomb center, excitonic instability, magnetic catalysis and other QFT problems in graphene