Workshop on Noncommutative Manifolds II 

Trieste NCG07


Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica - Università degli Studi di Trieste,
and International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA)
Trieste (Italy) 

October 22-26, 2007

Supported in part by:

• the Italian Research Project PRIN 2006 "Noncommutative Geometry, Quantum Groups and Applications"

• Groupement de Recherche Européen Franco-Italien en Geométrie Non Commutative, GREFI - GENCO

• the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, ICTP

The Department of Mathematics of the University of Trieste and the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) organize a workshop on Noncommutative Manifolds. The workshop will be devoted to recent developments in noncommutative differential geometry with emphasis on the definition and examples of noncommutative manifolds, the construction of spectral triples and in particular of the Dirac operators, relations to quantum groups and applications in mathematical physics.

The program will consist of a number of lectures by leading experts (suitable for students and young post-doc) and several more advanced seminars.

The conference venue is the Main Lecture Hall of ICTP Main Building (map of ICTP campus).
The International School for Advanced Studies, together with the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), is located within the Miramare Castle Natural Park, in a pinewood on the seaside at about 6 km west from downtown Trieste.

List of speakers (download the schedule.pdf)
Alain Connes (Collége de France and Vanderbit University, USA) - "Variations on the spectral triples"
Shahn Majid (Queen Mary, UK) - "q-deformed physics at roots of unity"

Paolo Aschieri (University of Oriental Piedmont, Italy) - "Twisting all the way: from classical to quantum fields "
Dorothea Bahns (University of Hamburg, Germany) - "On the UV/IR mixing on the noncommutative Minkowski space"
Simon Brain (SISSA, Italy) - "A twistor approach to the noncommutative basic instanton"
Katia Consani (J. Hopkins University, USA) - "Noncommutative geometry on global fields"
Francesco D'Andrea (SISSA, Italy) - "Noncommutative geometry and quantum group symmetries"
Giuseppe Dito (Bourgogne University, France) - "A new deformation quantization algebra on a complex symplectic manifold"
Pierre Fima (University of Caen, France) - "Twisting of locally compact quantum groups. Deformation of the Haar measure"
Gaetano Fiore (University of Naples, Italy) - "Twisted symmetries and Bose-Fermi statistics in QM and QFT"
Harald Grosse (University of Vienna, Austria) - "Progress in noncommutative quantum field theory models"
Daniele Guido (University "Tor Vergata", Italy) - "Dirac operators for infinite graphs"
Piotr Hajac (IMPAN, Poland) - "Noncommutative join construction"
Eli Hawkins (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) - "The integrality condition for quantizing the sphere"
Cristina Ivan (University of Hannover, Germany) - "Deformations for some extensions of Toeplitz type"
John Madore (University "Paris Sud", France) - "Ground-state configurations in noncommutative gravity"
Matilde Marcolli (MPI Bonn, Germany) - "Solvmanifolds and noncommutative tori with real multiplication"
Pierre Martinetti (University "La Sapienza", Italy) - "Spectral distance on the circle"
Roberto Percacci (SISSA, Italy) - "Asymptotic safety"
Gherardo Piacitelli (University "La Sapienza", Italy) - "On models of quantum spacetime"
Marc Rieffel (Berkeley University, USA) - "Towards Dirac operators for "matrix algebras converge to the sphere" "
Vincent Rivasseau (University "Paris Sud", France) - "Constructive non commutative field theory"
Takeshi Saito (University of Tokio, Japan)- "Charged superstrings and spectrum-generating algebra"
Andrzej Sitarz (Jagiellonian University, Poland) - "Spectral action on quantum manifolds"
Walter van Suijlekom (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) - "On the geometry of noncommutative gauge fields"
Nicola Teleman (University of Ancona, Italy) - "Topics in noncommutative geometry"
Lars Tuset (Oslo University College, Norway) - "Quantum groups as non-commutative manifolds"
Joseph Varilly (Costa Rica University, Costa Rica) - "From commutative spectral triples to manifolds"
Satoshi Watamura (Tohoku University, Japan) - "A Hopf algebra structure in string theory"
Raimar Wulkenhaar (Univ. of Muenster, Germany) - "From the harmonic oscillator as a spectral triple to the vacuum of noncommutative gauge theory "
Alessandro Zampini (University of Bonn, Germany)- "A gauged Laplacian on a quantum Hopf bundle"

Organized by: Ludwik Dabrowski (SISSA Trieste), Giovanni Landi (University of Trieste), Lucio Cirio (secretary)(SISSA Trieste).

Travel information: For information about how to reach SISSA please link to the SISSA or the more detailed ICTP web pages (ICTP is adjacent to SISSA). For information on the current weather in Trieste you can visit .

Registration: Please download the application form (appl.txt) and once filled send it back to by August 31th 2007.

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