Thematic Program on
Noncommutative Geometry and Quantum Groups  


International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), Trieste, Italy 
June 20-30, 2006

supported by the Central European Initiative and by PRIN "Sintesi'04"

Topics: the relation between noncommutative manifolds and quantum groups, with emphasis on the construction of principal and associated bundles with connections (gauge fields) and of spectral triples (in particular the Dirac operators) on quantum groups and their homogeneous spaces, and applications in mathematical physics.

Scientific Coordinator: L. Dabrowski

Participants: F. Bonechi (Firenze), N. Ciccoli* (Perugia), G. Fiore (Napoli), R. Giachetti* (Firenze), P.M. Hajac (IMPAN, Warsaw), F. Lizzi* (Napoli), T. Maszczyk (Warsaw), C. Pagani (Swansea), P. Soltan (Warsaw), W. van Suijlekom* (Bonn), M. Tarlini (Firenze), B. Zielinski (Lodz), and from Trieste: U. Bruzzo, L. Cirio, F. D'Andrea, L. Dabrowski, G. Landi, C. Reina, A. Tanzini, E. Wagner, A. Zampini
(* to be confirmed).

Structure: The first part will be devoted to seminar sessions (on 21, 22 and (morning of) 23 June). During the last week of June, besides seminars and discussion sessions, two mini-cycles of lectures are planned.